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Blue Companion cover image"I had myself a little house concert last night -- just me and my disc player and "Blue Companion" and an adult beverage -- and I just sat there and let this wonderful album wash over me. I tell you, it is a world-class effort.

Madeleine is somewhere between Mary Chapin Carpenter and Patty Griffin in voice, and her songs are beautifully crafted. Lonnie Knight's guitar work is always tasty and meaningful, not just decoration, and the guest artists (Peter Ostroushko, Michael Johnson among them) shine it up even brighter.


One of the best CDs I have heard in years. Highly recommended. "

— Bill Hammond, Startribune

True Heart CD cover"A veteran of the Twin Cities music scene, her tunes distill longings, loves, laughter, and losses into a fine nectar for the senses. Hart’s voice will cajole you, lull, or stun you. And her songs will remain etched in your mind while they dance in your heart."

— Mark Adams, The Blue Guitar

"In True Heart, the seasoned singer-songwriter has distilled the very essence of Hart. Backed by some of the country's finest musicians, she sings her songs of joy and sorrow, love and loss, demonstrating the dimensions of her singing and song-writing virtuosity. From downbeat to up-tempo, from the haunting lyricalness of "Galileo" and "Eyes of Blue" to the poignant promise of "Angel on My Shoulder" and "Landslide" and the wicked-raw cry-in-your-beer country of "Could've Had Me"; from the wistful longing of "Tell Me Now" to the smoldering swelter of "Cool Rain" and the riveting affirmation of "Gloria" and the title song, this true Hart will steal yours.

— Barbara J. Grossman, Freelance writer

"Madeleine Hart’s Velveeta-smooth timbre and bohemian sensuality persuasively bind together “True Heart” (Crocus Hill). This New Aged-tinged, surprisingly ambitious CD essays subtle, metaphysical musings, sisterly ballads and refreshingly frank sexuality. Hart and her collaborators can rock hard or slip into dreamy pointillism."

— David McKee, Skyway News

"It’s not easy to make easy-listening pop. It takes great tone, patience and skill to make plush, complex tunes sound simple and relaxing—yet captivating. Longtime local writer Hart and producer Richard Grossman meet those challenges on Hart’s third album. They’ve enlisted an array of top musicians (Jim Anton, Rich Dworsky) who lay out colorful soft beds for Hart’s naturally affecting voice and her highly original chord changes. Lyrically, Hart also succeeds through strong interaction between her characters... (a) superb soft-rock showcase."

— Jim Meyer, Startribune