The process of songwriting is a unique experience for each person who pens a tune, either as a lyricist or composer or both. I’ve always loved the tile of Jimmy Webb’s book “Tunesmith”. For me, it captures the difference between writing from a place of pure inspiration and crafting a song with intention. Inspiration is that place that is impossible to describe; it is where a song moves through you as though you are just its vehicle. The craft, or art of songwriting, however, is one I believe can be learned, and I’ve had the honor of learning and working with the best. There is no greater joy than to be able to share the creative process with other artists, regardless of their medium.

Giorge Pettus CD coverThe most rewarding musical collaboration I’ve had is with MCA recording artist Giorge Pettus and Richard Grossman. Together we penned “Good for You” on Giorge’s debut, self-titled album, along with many other tunes for Giorge, myself and various artists. Our collaborations yielded tunes for internationally known divas Jevetta Steele, Cynthia Johnson of "Funky Town" fame and MCA Records pop sensation The Jets. I also co-authored a track (Magic Time) for noted 70’s folk hero Glen Yarborough, formerly of The Lettermen.

I’ve also learned that successful collaborations aren't always with musicians. I partnered with Carol Huncik, a dynamic dancer and choreographer on “Eyes of Blue” for a benefit concert for KFAI radio. Carol choreographed an exquisite solo dance interpretation for that piece.

In the early 2000s, I was introduced to Timothy McConnachie, a phenomenal young artist fromMadeleine Hart, Tim McConnachie and Trish Toro Australia. My husband Richard and I, along with our dear friends artist Trish Toro and musician Bill Gabrys, sponsored Timothy for his first North American solo exhibition in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a result, Tim and I embarked on a music/art collaboration using mixed mediums.

Check out Tim and Madeleine's collaborations.